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International Family Law

For years, the number of marriages, in which one or both spouses are not Austrian nationals has been steadily increasing. In all these cases, it may be necessary to consider legal problems in connection with a separation or divorce proceeding according to Austrian law or the law of another country state.

In this context, it can be of importance to know at which court and in which state you may pursue a claim, so that you can achieve the best possible results.The timely identification of such specifics requires detailed knowledge of the legislation.

Particular problems can also arise in cases of international child abduction.

We have many years of experience in all matters of international family law. This has led to contacts with numerous law firms established in other countries all over the world that could be called upon in case of need to enforce your claims.

Our activities in international family law include in particular:

  • Divorce proceedings and proceedings for the resolution of registered partnerships
  • Enforcement or defence of maintenance claims abroad
  • Enforcement or defence of maintenance claims in Austria
  • Proceedings for the allocation of marital property
  • Proceedings regarding custody and contact rights, including child abduction proceedings
  • Legal opinion in the event of applicability of Austrian family law in proceedings that are pending before the courts of other states
  • Support and legal advice on surrogacy