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There are various possibilities of settlement. The billing according to the Autonomous fee criteria of the Austrian Chamber of Lawyers (AHK) and the provisions of the Tariff Act of Lawyers (RATG) is based on a certain (legal or freely agreed) amount in dispute; in addition a fee agreement on an hourly basis is permissible.

In our experience it is for clients often difficult to estimate the actual cost of a single service in the event of a settlement based on a certain value in dispute.

Therefore we have decided, for better understanding and ensuring full cost transparency of our services, to charge according to a fixed hourly rate between EUR 175, - and EUR 225, - net plus VAT, depending on the complexity of the case.

In individual cases of exceptional circumstances we are also willing to take action at a lower hourly rate.

The fee of an initial consultation in the period of about one hour amounts to € 150, - (incl. VAT) and will be credited once the relationship with the client has been accepted and confirmed.

For setting up a contract we arrange an individual lumpsum price, depending on the complexity and expense.