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We are a team of young and committed lawyers with headquarters in Vienna.

Due to our many years of professional experience, our focus lies with domestic and international family law and with residence law. We are also happy to advise you in employment matters.

As attorneys in a small law firm led by personally liable partners, we guarantee individual comprehensive consultation and support by one of our partners.

We deliberately decided on a lean structure of our firm so that we can pass on the cost savings to our clients.

In the case of family law in particular, hasty agreements with negative effects, in some cases only made verbally, cannot be revoked at all or only with greatest difficulty. To waive maintenance payments can for example result in a considerable disadvantage with regards to survivor's benefits. It is all the more important to develop a comprehensive and individually tailored legally binding solution, which can, if needed, be judicially enforced.

When it comes to tenancy and residential property, it is also useful to have a contract drawn up or assessed by a specialist, in order to duly avoid any costly follow-up procedures. Even if an agreement has already been concluded, there are numerous possibilities for alteration and verification, which we are happy to exhaust for you.

We would therefore like to invite you for a consultation, in which we will discuss your specific case and individually tailored possibilities of solution.