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Our law firm, based in the 6th district of Vienna, specializes in all matters of national and international family law as well as labour and social law. We further offer specialized family mediation. Working in close cooperation with our clients is of great importance to us, especially when it comes to highly emotional family law matters. We guarantee you individual advice and support from one of our law firm partners.

On the other hand, especially in family law matters, parties often want to resolve their conflict without courts and without legal representation in order to reduce financial and emotional burdens and to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution relatively quickly. Our well-founded training as mediators enables us to provide our mediands with the best possible support in the process of finding a solution. Our mediands benefit from our legal knowledge, without our acting as lawyer in the context of mediation. In addition, we can help with the implementation of a solution developed by the mediands and, for example, set up the divorce settlement and carry out transfers in the land register.

We are happy to be at your disposal for an initial consultation should you need our support.

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We are at your disposal for an initial consultation lasting approximately one hour, in which we can discuss your specific case and the possible solutions tailored to your needs.

Costs amount to € 240 (incl. VAT) and will be credited to the final bill once the order is placed and the mandate is accepted

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