In principle, there is a wide variety of billing options. The settlements according to AHK and RATG are based on a specific (statutory or freely agreed) value in dispute. In addition, the agreement of an hourly fee is also permissible.

In our experience, it is often difficult for clients to estimate the actual costs of an individual service when offsetting based on a specific amount in dispute.

We have therefore decided to charge our services at a fixed hourly rate starting at €270.00 (incl. VAT), depending on the complexity of the case, for better traceability and to ensure full cost transparency.

In individual cases worthy of consideration, we are also willing to work at a lower hourly rate.

The costs for an initial consultation lasting approximately one hour amount to € 240 (incl. VAT) and are credited to the final bill when the order is placed and the mandate is accepted.

For the establishment of contracts, we agree on an individual all-inclusive price, depending on the complexity and effort.

The costs for a unit of mediation lasting 45 minutes are EUR 150. If two mediators are involved, the costs total EUR 220.00 per unit, each including VAT. For the implementation of the results of the mediation, for example in the form of an agreement on the consequences of divorce, we agree on a flat rate in individual cases, the amount of which depends on the complexity of the respective contents of the regulation.